Tech for All

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The sponsor of the Tech for All Award is Lloyds Banking Group.

For young people, the internet and digital technology is a valuable tool for learning and for keeping in touch with friends. It can also present risks too.

But the government says that 4.8 million people have never used the internet! Half of those people were aged over 75 and 22% of disabled adults have never used the internet.

Regionally, the greatest proportion of adults not using the internet was in Northern Ireland (14.6%) with the West Midlands and Wales close behind (11.5%).

There could be all sorts of reasons for a person to feel the technology is not right for them but could something be done to help people who want to use digital technology to find it easier to do so?

Who do you know that can’t or won’t go online? What is it that prevents them doing so and what could be done about it?

Can you think of ways to help more people use technology? Maybe it’s a simple thing like modifying an app or creating a new one or perhaps a bigger challenge. Is it about the cost or perceived dangers? Perhaps some people feel no reason to access digital technology or are put off by complexity.

Is there a better way to introduce new technology to people?

Can you think of a new reason for people use technology for the first time in a way that would benefit them?

Who do you know that you never expected to embrace digital technology? What was it that made them take their first step and how could that be made available to everyone?

We’re looking for ways to make technology easy for everyone to use and that’s why we sponsor “Tech For All”.