Data Science Award

The Data Science Award is sponsored by

From 2017/8 there will be a new prize in the TeenTech Awards for the team who demonstrates the best use and analysis of data.

Register interest here and we will provide Teacher Resources and links to mentors.

We believe this category will be more suitable for 16-18 year old students but if you have younger students who wish to submit an entry, they are most welcome to do so.

Schools who decide to enter this category will be provided with mentors and detailed resources to help students and teachers.

Use of data will be also be included as one of the judging criteria across all TeenTech Awards

Teams can either

  • Enter one of our set challenges and develop projects based on data sets which we will provide


  • Use existing sets of secondary data within their own project
  • Gather their own primary data within their own project

What difference will effective use of data make to my project?

  • Projects will be even more convincing than one based only on personal experience or anecdote – though personal experience provides useful understanding and insight
  • You may change, improve or even discard ideas when you look closely at the data.
  • Gathering and/or interpreting data may spark new ideas that no-one else has thought about

Why is an understanding of data important for ALL students ?

  • Data skills are increasingly important in modern society
  • Data helps us understand how, what, when and where to innovate
  • There are many exciting and well paid career opportunities
  • Data science cuts across all industries from health to transport, entertainment to food
  • It can help combat issues from rogue landlords to alcohol abuse, modern slavery, fire hazards and problem gambling
  • So understanding how to collect and analyse data will help in any future career

We will provide 

  • Data sets
  • An example of how to interpret a data set
  • A suggested step by step approach
  • Mentors to support students
  • Links to further resources
  • Links to inspiring Data Scientists on social media