Location: The Liberty Stadium, Swansea.

TeenTech has run for two years in Wales at The Liberty Stadium in Swansea helping hundreds of teenagers to see careers in science, technology and engineering really do have the ‘X Factor’!

We will have further news shortly about dates for 2016/7

At TeenTech Cymru, Welsh students will spend the day taking part in ‘hands on’ experiments and challenges with engineers and scientists from 30 national and international companies led by BBC presenter and founder Maggie Philbin.

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TeenTech is an award winning, industry-led initiative founded in 2008, uniting technology companies with education, business and professional organisations to create an immersive, interactive event that has been running nationwide.

Thanks to the dedication of key employers and invaluable help from delivery partners Technocamps and Swansea University, TeenTech Cymru is a day that changes minds. Schools and local businesses are being invited to take part.

“Running TeenTech in Wales has been a wonderful expereince” says Maggie, “There’s always a huge level of interest from companies and schools and we look forward to more  lively, focussed events in the future. They really do  nspires the innovators of the future – one student from Swansea triumphed at the TeenTech Awards in 2014 and was invited to Buckingham Palace . We’re indebted to the Welsh Government, Technocamps and the enthusiasm of all our participating companies who invest time and talent into developing outstanding activities which capture the essence of their industries. They’re working together to inspire tomorrow’s workforce.”

TeenTech is inviting more local businesses to join the interactive event to make contact with their future employees and influence their career choices in the Science, Technology and Engineering sectors.

Aimed at the over 12’s (Year 8) the event aims to widen participation and raise aspirations for students and teachers.  It will also explore different industries and career possibilities with over 30 employers in Science, Technology and Engineering offering intriguing encounters and practical challenges.

If your school or business is interested in taking part in the event, see our contacts below.

What they think!

Lisa, Aged 12: “I always thought scientists were quite tall with glasses and boring…and old…and usually men. But here, they’re so full of life and funny.

Ollie, Aged 12: “I really enjoyed being allowed to be creative and think for myself and come up with my own ideas. I do have a tendency to take things apart and my Dad gets a bit cross about that normally.”

Year 8 Teacher:Not only did the students enjoy the day and come away enthused but so did I. It was great getting to know about cutting-edge technology.”


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