Why we do TeenTech

EU could face a shortage of up to 900,000 ICT professionals by 2020.

47% jobs will disappear over next two decades due to technology but for every job lost two will be created.



The ICT workforce is likely to increase by 39% by 2030.

132,000 job opportunites possible in big data over the next 5 years.

  • Women make up just 12.8% of the total STEM workforce in the UK.
  • The UK has the lowest number of female engineering professional in Europe (WISE).
  • By equalising the gender split in the workplace the UK could increase GDP by 10% by 2030.

132,000 job opportunites possible in big data over the next 5 years.

The sources pupils use, primarily, to make career decisions.

Case Studies

Case study: Grace Blake

My name is Grace Blake and I am now 20 years old, working at IBM as a Junior Management Consultant Apprentice. I first got involved with Teen Tech just under 10 years ago when I was at Park House School as a year 7 student. My school was lucky enough to be invited to...

Case study: Evelyn Grace Academy

Evelyn Grace School in Brixton came to our London Festival with a group of ten students four years ago and subsequently entered two teams in the TeenTech awards. Over the following year we saw the number of students grow to 80. TeenTech Teacher of the Year, Sumair...

Case Study: Harry

TeenTech has been working with young people for over ten years and we are really proud of our alumnae. We have asked some of our students to write their experience. I'm Harry, originally from Oakham but now living in Birmingham while running my company, HausBots. I’m...

Sources: E-skills for Jobs in Europe, Frey and Michael Osborne (University of Oxford), Science Council, WISE, Women’s Business Council, TeenTech voting buttons at events.