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Thank you for taking part in the TeenTech Gradventure Marketing module which gives you the chance to make a real difference to our work whilst further developing your marketing skills.

The key aims are to:

  • Drive interest from schools
  • Target disadvantaged students/areas
  • Reach a diverse audience

The best ideas across all teams will be incorporated into our marketing pack. We are really excited to see what you come up with!

We ask that you set out an overarching marketing campaign and then give at least a couple of examples of materials (eg flyer, social media campaign, posters etc).



What do we need to submit?

A high-level campaign document (Word/PowerPoint/Video, etc.) with at least a couple of examples of materials.

Can we make videos?

Yes, and we’ll also make our videos available if you want to use clips.

How does TeenTech City of Tomorrow work at the moment?

Teachers and their students join a live session which explains the programme, designing the safer, smarter, kinder city of the future, taking them through global, national and local challenges including UN sustainability goals.

They work on their project and either build a residential, commercial or public model out of recyclable materials (or submit drawings or CAD if schools do not allow recyclables due to COVID-19).

They then join a feedback session with industry experts who also discuss projects they are working on.

We hold regional showcases and an annual national showcase. Schools can sign up at any point in the year.

How does the TeenTech Awards programme work?

Students work on projects with the help of mentors from the Autumn. They submit their projects at the end of March; all projects receive written feedback. Finalists are invited to the live final (virtual this year) in late June for final judging and presentation of Awards. Schools can sign up at any point in the year but projects must be submitted by end of March 2021.

How can I find out more about the TeenTech Awards process?

Our TeenTech Awards website shows the steps that schools need to go through.


Should we focus on one TeenTech Innovation session topic?

It is better to market the sessions as a whole but you could highlight a specific topic to illustrate the programme. Schools can sign up at any point in the year.

How do I find the branding guidelines to use for my materials?
Should we focus on targeting students?

The main focus is on teachers but for the Awards programme and Innovation sessions, you can also target students.

What is the biggest motivator for teachers?

They want to do well for their school and students. They get access to employers. All programmes complement the curriculum. Students gain skills that they may not in other school subjects, e.g. teamwork, innovative thinking, leadership, problem-solving etc.

What prizes are given out?

The key “prize” is that all participants in all programmes get feedback on their work from industry experts.

The TeenTech Awards prize winners are given a prize for their school and in-kind prizes from sponsors. At the physical City of Tomorrow Showcase, all participants get a goody bag.

Can we see some case-studies and feedback?

Yes, see the Useful Documents section on this page.

Do you have a question that isn’t answered here? Let us know! We’ll update this page regularly.