TeenTech Innovation Days at Home

Do you want to meet some exciting people who work in science and technology?

TeenTech Innovation Sessions offer students, aged 11 – 18, insight into world-class organisations and the opportunities that lie within them. We are now offering these sessions online and each session will be hosted by a leading TeenTech sponsor or supporting company.

You can ask questions, develop your own solutions to global challenges and learn more about different careers. 

Do you want to work in the music business? Or design games? Can you imagine what the future of food or the future of transport might look like?

Every week you can participate in these exciting and inspiring sessions. You can join the session as an individual (parents/carers must register for students under 16) or teachers can ask their entire class to register.

Every session will finish with a Challenge set by the industry experts. You can choose to work on this challenge as an individual or as a team. The workshop will help generate ideas.

The activity highlights career pathways in Tech, Science and Engineering and promotes good citizenship.

Once you have completed the registration form, we will be in touch with details on how you can join the live Innovation Sessions and download worksheets for the workshop.

Upcoming Innovation Days at Home

Wednesday 15th July, 10:00am – Cybersecurity with BT
Security is the fastest-growing part of BT’s business. In a world where the bad guys are getting smarter and cyber-attacks are on the rise, it’s more important than ever that our security teams bring their A-game. A career in cybersecurity means that every day you work to keep the people of the UK safe, often without them even knowing you’re there. Find out more about BT’s involvement with cybersecurity and just how important it is to our day-to-day lives.

Wednesday 22nd July, 10:00am – Game Design
Join us for an Innovation Day at Home exploring the topics of gaming and game design. We will take a look at current gaming trends, the technology pioneering the future of videogames, and some of the issues the gaming industry faces. We will then be setting you the challenge of designing a game of your own, inspiring you to tackle some of the issues discussed and to imagine how new technology could drive new gameplay experiences. This Innovation Day at Home will be hosted by Kate Russell (technology journalist, reporter and author) and Ali Maggs (TeenTech workshop host and an app and game developer) with special guests.

Wednesday 29th July, 10:00am – Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with Rolls-Royce

Wednesday 5th August, 10:00am – Space
Have you ever considered the challenges of humankind becoming a multi-planetary species? What problems would we need to overcome if we are to live and work on a planet that is unlike Earth? How would we get there? What training would we need? What would we need to wear in order to survive? Join Dallas Campbell (broadcaster, speaker and author) and Suzie Imber (Associate Professor in Space Physics and winner of BBC2 series, Astronauts: Do You Have What It Takes?) for a TeenTech Innovation Day at Home where you’ll be set a space-themed challenge.

Week of 10th August – Animation Workshop Week

Week of 17th August – Coding Workshop Week

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TeenTech Live Innovation Days offer students aged 11-18 the opportunity to apply their knowledge of science, technology and engineering.

We will be running online Live Innovation Days, taking place on Wednesday mornings with a feedback session on Friday mornings. During a Live Innovation Day, our workshop leader and special guests will talk through a lively presentation and introduce that week's challenge.

Each live Virtual Session usually takes place on a Wednesday at 10:00am and will be followed by a live Feedback Session on the Friday at 11:30am.

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How will students watch the TeenTech at Home event?
Once parents have registered, TeenTech will contact them with a link where the students can watch the event live. This link will be for a private page on the TeenTech website where the video will be streamed.

What platform does TeenTech use for TeenTech at Home events?
The video stream is broadcast using YouTube’s live event technology, straight to the TeenTech website. The students can watch the presenters but the presenters will not be able to see or hear the students or communicate with them directly. YouTube’s Live Chat functionality will be disabled.

Can students interact with the presenters during the live stream?
There will be a private messaging box on the TeenTech site which students can use to ask the presenters questions without submitting personal information (other than their first name and nearest town). Questions from the students will be answered live by the presenters during the stream.

How long are the live sessions?
Both the Introduction and Feedback sessions are roughly an hour long.

Can I work in teams and how can I do this from home?
You can absolutely work in teams! Perhaps you could involve siblings? Or students can work with friends, virtually, using – for example – Skype, FaceTime, Teams, Zoom, or WhatsApp.