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    Stop Motion Studio Demo

    Stop Motion Studio is a free app on iOS and Android. In this demo, we'll go through the basics on how this app works and how to create an animation on your phone or tablet!

    qStopMotion and Photos Demo

    On the PC/Mac side, there are a couple of ways you can create your animation. We're looking here at qStopMotion, a free app, and also how you can use any digital camera or webcam to create an animation using the built in photos app on Windows 10, or iMovie on the Mac.

    Editing and Effects Demo

    In this demo, we'll look at how we can use editing software to finish off our animations. We'll look at Adobe Premiere Rush which has a free trial version, and then the built in Photos app on Windows 10 to edit your video and add special effects! iMovie on the Mac functions in a very similar way too.


    Please note: This session is a replay of a recent session, and is not being broadcast live. However, you can still submit questions for our experts when you upload your project, and we'll ask the experts during our dedicated Feedback Session for all Half-Term projects! You can also email any questions directly to Dani!

     We will be hosting a dedicated Feedback Session for all projects created by students from these sessions so please do come up with an idea for the challenge set during the session. You can work individually, or in small groups virtually.

    You can use our worksheets which you can download below. If you don't have a printer, you can use plain paper and use our worksheets as a guide.

    Submit your projects online by 5:00pm on Sunday 21st February using the link below. You'll be able to upload some information about your project and a couple of images too (you could take a photo of your drawings, for example). If you want to submit a short 60-second presentation as a video, you could do that too!

    Then, join us for a Live Feedback Session after half-term. Our project manager, Dani, will be in touch with the date and time of your Feedback Session where our Industry Experts will provide feedback on your work!

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