Thank you for joining us for our TeenTech Innovation Live Animation Showcase! Click the Play button above before 2:00pm on Tuesday 8th June to begin watching!

During the session, we won’t be able to see or hear you, but you can send questions, and let us know which animations you love and why. We will read out your questions and comments during the stream. Simply, click the “Send a Question or Comment” button at any time!

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    Send Your Finished Animation

    After our final session on Thursday, you can get to work adding the final touches to your animation! You can then upload your final animation to us, ready for the showcase next week. The deadline for this is 5pm on Monday.

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    TeenTech Live Innovation sessions offer students, aged 11 – 18, insight into world-class organisations and the opportunities that lie within them. We are now offering these sessions online and each session will be hosted by a leading TeenTech sponsor or supporting company.

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