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TeenTech Awards 2019

What a  fantastic day! As one of our judges remarked, 'You could sense the energy from the street outside as teenagers laden with prototypes walked along looking for where to go' Over 270 schools took part in the 2019 TeenTech Awards, all schools have access to...

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Do you want to work at the BBC?

My career began at the BBC and it was only when I joined that I understood the  many different opportunities within the organisation. It often comes as a surprise that the BBC has so many entry levels in tech  for apprentices as well as graduates. As some of the...

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TeenTech Awards 2018/9

 Our video of the 2018 TeenTech Award finalists captures some of the brilliant work done this year by students, teachers, sponsors and mentors. The TeenTech awards are a powerful way to help young people understand their own potential to make their mark in the fast...

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TeenTech announces new generation of innovators

The next generation of innovators have been named at the 2018 TeenTech Awards at the Royal Society. Winning concepts include a medication dispenser for Alzheimer patients, drones that detect and absorb pollutants, an app that calculates a safe way home from school and...

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TeenTech City – The video!

'Now I have greater insight on the jobs I could do in the tech sector' 'It changed my view on the career path I want to take - before I came here I wasn't sure if engineering was for me but now I've seen different sides to it" If you've never been to a TeenTech event...

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TeenTech City of Tomorrow 2018 Showcase at The Emirates

Thousands of students across the UK have enjoyed developing their projects for the 2018 TeenTech City of Tomorrow and on Monday, 240 young people had the opportunity to share their models and ideas with leading tech and engineering companies at the national showcase...

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