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We have over 130 young women involved in extra-curricular STEM activities! TeenTech has a MAJOR part to play in this. I spoke to the students about why they love TeenTech. They love the fact that they can discuss ideas and work collaboratively, letting their imaginations run wild without the restrictions that occur in lessons. Teacher, Cheshire  

Recruiting students with market-ready technical skills is becoming more and more difficult – if UK industry is to compete on a global level, we absolutely have to develop ‘the best’ talent in our home market.

At TeenTech we bring the very best science, technology and engineering insights to students before they make key GCSE and A level subject choices.  Each TeenTech event is a mixture of interactive demonstrations, leading edge technology, hands-on experiments and – most importantly – unique opportunities for students to talk to ‘real’ people who are experts in their field.


We survey the teenagers on arrival and at the end of the TeenTech day, and find that more than 75% leave the event more predisposed to follow STEM subjects.  Our research shows that attending a TeenTech event helps students to refocus their thinking about school subject choices and to consider career paths they never knew existed.  We have spent the past four years designing and refining the TeenTech experience to effectively change perceptions about careers in STEM and the people who work in those industries.

TeenTech is a Community Interest Company (CIC), which relies on partnerships with businesses and educational institutions to fund and develop our work and run each event. At the core of TeenTech is a lean, efficient and professional organisation with a deep understanding, and first hand experience, of the issues facing STEM industries and a wealth of experience in live events.

We select our event partners with great care, working with established companies, Education Business Partnerships, Universities and Colleges who deliver our proven event format alongside us.   We develop the shape of the content, build lasting relationships with national and international companies and with professional organisations helping them where necessary to develop fresh and memorable experiences for students and teachers.

We are running ten events across the UK in 2015, if you are a business and would like to get involved, you can support us by sponsoring or participating in a TeenTech event.


Sponsor a TeenTech event

If your business needs to recruit the best technical skills in the UK, be pro-active in supporting and developing talent.  We have created a range of bespoke sponsorship opportunities and packages which can be tailored to your organisation and to fit marketing and CSR budgets.


Participate in a TeenTech event

The best way to show teenagers exactly what it means to work for your organisation, and demonstrate the skills you need from future employees, is to get hands-on.

TeenTech’s exhibition areas and interactive zones are carefully curated to give students a broad picture of the opportunities for graduates, apprentices and entrepreneurs, across a range of careers.   Students are guided by industry ambassadors and will arrive at your stand or workshop in small supervised groups.



Students relish the opportunity to try out practical experiments and challenges, which are often squeezed out of the school timetable. It’s a powerful way to show that science, engineering and technology often rely on creativity, teamwork and inspiration – our exhibitors are astounded by the level of interest shown by students and their teachers.

To maintain the high standards which are part and parcel of the TeenTech experience, we take pride in collaborating with our partners through the end-to-end planning and delivery of each event.  This ensures that students, teachers and business partners all achieve the very best experience from the TeenTech event.

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Winner, Best Engineering Event in National Science and Engineering Week 2010

Winner, Best Outreach and Communication 2012, WISE 

Winner, Promotion of Engineering Design Award 2014, IED 

TeenTech CEO Maggie Philbin voted 5th most influential woman in IT in 2014, Computer Weekly

“Over the past two years TeenTech has had an overwhelming impact on how our subject is viewed by both staff and pupils in the school. It has had a direct effect on the uptake of our subject in the senior school” Teacher, Scotland 

‘This was a fantastic event, we will be back next year…’…IBM

I will tear up my lesson plans as result of what I have seen. Thank you for a day that will help us make lessons more relevant” …Teacher,Humberside.

Events like TeenTech City provide an experience that is hard to reproduce in the classroom and really gives pupils a taste of what having a STEM career could be like. It is great to be part of something that really pushes the importance of technology subjects out to young people in such a fun and engaging way” Teacher , London