Monday 29th June

We will update this page on Monday with a list of winning projects! And please do join us live at 4:00pm on Monday 29th June!



The Eighth TeenTech Awards –  2020

With projects ranging from ways to help firefighters find people trapped in buildings, to exploiting the hexagonal shapes of the beehive to create low cost housing, or relieving stressed dogs on firework night;  students have shown tenacity and enthusiasm for developing their own ideas to make life better, simpler, safer or more fun with their entries for the eighth TeenTech Awards.

250 schools entered – 1008 girls and 449 boys  – and on Monday the Award ceremony will celebrate the work of finalists,  38 boys and  75  girls. Students will be recognised not only for their innovations but for all the skills they’ve developed through the process.

Students have impressed judges with both the scale of their ambition and in many cases the way they have developed their skills at home in the middle of such challenging times.

TeenTech have always offered virtual mentoring but within ten days of schools closing in March, TeenTech launched a comprehensive online offer with ‘live’ virtual ‘Innovation  Sessions’ for students aged 11-19 and TeenTech City of Tomorrow for younger students 8-13.  We also realised that this year’s award ceremony would be an online offering, too.

With schools closed to most children and teenagers, TeenTech have built a powerful community of highly engaged online learners, many of whom will be showcasing their work in the TeenTech Award Virtual Ceremony on Monday.

‘We wanted to create an offer which enabled students to build on their own interests and which felt relevant to the very stressful circumstances in which they had been suddenly pitched’ says TeenTech CEO Maggie Philbin OBE. ‘Most importantly we wanted to ensure students swiftly received quality feedback on their work, something many said they were missing with home learning’

‘We knew a different approach was needed – the virtual environment is very different to the classroom – and working at home is very different to working at school. Fortunately, our team not only have the benefit of having delivered live workshops across the UK to thousands of children in some of the most disadvantaged communities but they are also experienced broadcasters, so understand how to shine through and engage onscreen.”

TeenTech At Home will continue to run throughout the Summer and the next academic year, providing students, parents and teachers with inspiring learning and a powerful network.

The feedback is gratifyingly enthusiastic from parents, teachers and young people alike. Mentors and judges have also found the whole process an uplifting experience.

Many parents fed back on how the Teentech At Home project is giving their children an opportunity to reach out to friends to form virtual teams, helping them feel less isolated. Others told us how they enjoyed seeing work produced by other children and how absorbed they were in activities that felt relevant to their own experiences and interests.

Parents said children really welcomed the live feedback on submitted projects as they said this was motivating and something students had been very much missing. Teachers also appreciated the opportunity to work with us and have bespoke sessions

We do hope you enjoy the awards and that it gives a flavour of just how much young people get out of TeenTech and just how very amazing our young people are.        07818 822077


Press Release (as a PDF): TeenTech Awards 2020 Press Release