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A special TeenTech Award

Teams may ask for projects entered in other categories to be considered for this award or may enter a stand alone project, if their work doesn’t fit within the innovation categories.

There are few aspects of modern life that are not touched by Information Technology (IT). The innovative entries we have seen in the annual TeenTech Awards are no different and so TeenTech is introducing a new category to reflect the excellence that is seen in using IT across all of the existing categories.  Whilst some previous entries have not been outright winners in their category our judges have noted that many have exhibited design and programming skills that really should be celebrated.

TeenTech is looking to recognise both excellence in computer programming as well as creativity in the use of IT. Not everyone is an expert programmer so we are looking both for those that have demonstrated superb coding skills, and for those who have taken their understanding of the building blocks of computer programming and have used those in a novel way.

Programming is the act of writing software. The need for programming cuts across all business domains and with the rise in popularity of computers it’s not surprising that the demand for programmers has increased enormously over the past 50 years, with no signs of slowing down.

Most applications of new technology require special software programs to make them work, whether it is a website with hundreds of millions of users, a new mobile app, a walking robot or the latest toys, they all require their own dedicated program to run. Software is the glue that holds technology together.

The goal of this award is to raise awareness of the importance and prevalence of programming to teenagers and encourage them to have a go and learn more about programming through their TeenTech projects. TeenTech hopes to encourage young people to develop the skills that will continue to be the thread running through all areas of innovation.