Environment and Energy

Problems such as global warming and diminishing natural resources demand action from all of us. How are we going to ensure we have enough energy for generations to come? What differences can you make to the way you use energy, how is it generated, transmitted and consumed?

As students, you have the creativity and education needed to solve the environmental issues of today and of the future.  After all, YOU are the ones who will be most affected.

For instance, many of us enjoy music festivals but what would you do to green the industry? Take a look at the number of tents abandoned after the 2018 Reading Festival.

  • What can we do to recycle more and cause less waste?
  • How can we provide clean water to parts of our planet that need it the most?
  • What can each of us do to prevent climate change, and protect endangered species, our oceans and the rainforests?
  • How is energy generated today?
  • Who uses energy and why?
  • How does energy production impact the environment?
  • How does energy affect you?

City, urban and rural areas have different and interconnected issues.

There is a lot to consider in this category!

Here are some interesting websites to help you generate ideas: