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The way we buy goods and the way we handle money has changed radically. But what do  you think could improve your experience, whether you are choosing a new coat in a shop or working out the best way to save.

The web has transformed commerce but technology is also set to transform the high street with virtual changing rooms, personalised clothing and  3D printing.

How could your online behaviour shape your in-store experience?

If customers use a shop rather than online – what will they expect from that store? How will the store of the future be more entertaining, more informative, more customer friendly? How do we get rid of queues?

Could haptics improve online shopping? Could a social shopping mirror let you get a second opinion from friends when you try on clothes?

Could drones really solve transportation issues?

How could tech giants predict your behaviour so they are selecting your purchase before you’ve even ordered it?

How could your regular, essential purchases ‘self order’ ?

Will retail bloggers become as important as department stores in driving sales?

How could we know what a new ice cream tasted like online?

And how could the packaging of everything from a yogurt pot to a toothbrush be improved?

There are lots of opportunities in this category…


Hints and Tips

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