Future of Food

Here are some questions to get you thinking about the future of food:

Health  – What would you do to reduce the obesity epidemic?  How can we deliver nutritionally rich food to everyone in the world? What are some ways to deliver nutrients?  How can we make sure everyone gets their vitamins?

Safety – What are some ways to ensure that safe food is distributed across the world?  How can we use technology to make sure that all the food we eat at home is safe?  What’s an easy way to keep track of expiration dates at home?

Technology – How can you use technology to create a healthier, safer food supply – in the farm, factory or kitchen?  What types of food can you grow in a lab?  What is the future of GM?  What is the future of food printers?

Food supply – How will we feed more people using fewer resources (land, water, energy, etc)? How can we guarantee a stable food supply against the effects of climate change or in a natural disaster, for example, flooding and drought?  What are some ways to grow food in cities where there is little land?  What are some ways to reduce food waste or better reuse it?  How can we make sure that everyone in the world has access to food?

Communications – What are some ways to educate the public about food hygiene?  How can people understand the difference between a food scare and sensible advice?

For more resources, please visit the IFST website.  We are happy to help find additional resources or offer advice for your project.  For additional help, please contact info@ifst.org at the Institute of Food Science and Technology.