Research and Information Literacy

The TeenTech Award for Research and Information Literacy is sponsored by :

The CILIP Information Literacy Group and JCS are delighted to sponsor this TeenTech Award, recognising excellence in research and information literacy. This award highlights the importance of students having highly developed research skills and the ability to critically and ethically use information to underpin their projects.



This category is all about how you gather and use information and evidence in order to identify and develop your innovation. We expect all of the entrants for this award to show that they have carried out research and to have used both secondary and primary resources. This award is judged across all categories in the competition.

Entrants for this award will be successful if they have based their report around the guidance provided in these supporting resource sheets. Each team needs to show how they have put each resource sheet into practice in the project, for example, including a correctly formatted bibliography that shows the wide range of sources that have been used.

Download our submission guide here: Teen Tech Information Literacy Award – submission guide

You will need to show in your report how you made judgements about the information you decided to use, where you searched and how you searched for it. 

This means that:

– You will have found information that lets you develop a unique product, because you know from your research that, for example, there is not one like yours that is already on the market.

– You will have found information that shows you why there is a demand for your innovation.

– You will have searched for other studies/experiments/research that tells you about, for example, the materials you could use, the attitudes that people hold and/or what people already know or have found out about your topic.

You will have asked for specialist feedback/acted on advice

 You will then be expected to show in your report; how you have used the information that you have found, how it has guided your thinking and to say why the information you found or gathered helped you make the decisions you have about how to develop your innovation.

This will probably include:

  • using specialist websites.
  • gathering and using help from experts.
  • gathering your own market research and using the results.
  • using databases to find academic/industry research.

This award will celebrate how well young people can show that they can be information literate researchers as they explore their ideas to make life better, simpler or easier.Winners will have demonstrated their ability to search across a range of resources, make excellent judgements about the information they have found and put it to ethical use in their project. The judges of this award are all professional librarians from schools, colleges and universities and information science academics.

The joint sponsors of this award have provided some resources to help you:

The CILIP Information Literacy Group has provided a short video to help you understand the skills that you need to develop. There is also a sample report for teams to look at. Advice on how to submit a successful project can be provided. Please contact for more information and to arrange follow up.

JCS Online Resources has provided free access to some trusted online sources (journals, ebooks & videos) that you can use to gather research to support your project. This is available to all entrants for the duration of the TeenTech competition and can be cited in projects. Please contact for more information.

This  award is judged across all categories in the competition. If you are entering another category, please indicate on your entry whether you also wish it to be considered for Research and Information Literacy.