Tech for All

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The sponsor of the Tech for All Award is Lloyds Banking Group.

Mobiles, devices, apps, voice recognition, contactless, streaming – they’re all things that a lot people use every day, without even really thinking about it.

What about using all of this to help people of all ages learn more about money, how to use it and how to take care of it?

Could this be a motivation to encourage people who don’t use technology  to get online?

How can digital technology help people help themselves when it comes to saving, spending, budgeting – anything to do with being “financially healthy”, just as we’d look after our own physical health.

Being able to manage the money you’ve got is important to absolutely everyone. Everybody needs money to live, no matter what age they are, where they live or what they do.

  • Is there a way of using tech to help people take better care of their cash?
  • How can we be clever about sharing money between friends or family?
  • How could you use the internet, apps, devices, the Cloud to make it easier to save or budget?
  • What could tech do to teach us all more about doing this?
  • If you think about how you spend, store, save (or even lose) your money – what could tech do to improve this?
  • Do you want to save up money for something big? Or find out how to get better bargains online?
  • What about people who don’t know anything yet about money – how could we tell them about bank accounts, contactless cards or mobile banking apps?
  • And what about safety? How can technology help people to keep their money safe?

All of this is a central part of how we live and this is why the 2019 Tech for All Award is all about how to keep people financially healthy.