Wearable Technology

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This category is as open as you wish to make it! You could consider smart bags, glasses, clothing, artificial limbs, exoskeletons …

You may find some inspiration from this report from Forbes on the 2015 CES show:  http://www.forbes.com/sites/mattpowell/2015/01/12/sneakernomics-wearable-technology-and-sports-retail/2/

Here’s a thought provoking article asking “Is there a future for Wearable Tech? 

And another by Christan Defeo on how wearable devices help marketeers join the dots. 

Mashable always have stimulating pieces on the latest technology, including wearables. http://mashable.com/category/wearable-tech/

Here’s a piece written by Charles Arthur in The Guardian to get you thinking. And do regular searches on The Guardian website for interesting ideas – like this piece which considers how museums and art galleries might make use of wearable technology http://www.theguardian.com/culture-professionals-network/culture-professionals-blog/2014/oct/03/post-web-technology-museums-virtual-reality

And this is a great blog about the future of textiles. The Living Shoe and the Strawberry plant that grows lace.

And students at TeenTech this year have been fascinated by the technology behind artificial limbs. Have a look at the engineering behind the performances in the Paralympic Games here.