TeenTech Events

TeenTech Events

TeenTech CIC run engaging, hands on, sharply focused events helping young people understand the real opportunities in contemporary industry.

TeenTech Festival Days

Our Festival Days bring together students from up to 50 schools across a region and up to 150 industry specialists from a wide range of companies for a day of hands-on challenges and experiments.

Watch our video from the 2018 TeenTech Festival Day at The Emirates on YouTube.

TeenTech Innovation Days

TeenTech Innovation days are lively days for smaller groups hosted on company sites providing students with insight into career opportunities and pathways into a wide range of organisations from BBC to NHS, Atkins to Accenture, Bank of England to London Zoo.

TeenTech “Create Your Future”

These are our in-school events which offer young people insight into contemporary industry and the skills and personal qualities they need to succeed.