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    If you would like to bring a team of students who have done the TeenTech City of Tomorrow project (Primary and Secondary) to the TeenTech Festival London 2020, which takes place on Tuesday 30th June at Roehampton University, please complete the booking form below. Please ensure that the contact name given below is the lead person who will be attending the event and let us know immediately of any changes by emailing us at

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    I would like to book a place for 5 students who will bring their TeenTech City of Tomorrow project to the festival

    I am interested in more places if they are available (We will confirm availability four weeks before the event)

    I confirm that all of my Students can be photographed and filmed during the event and any images can be used for promotional material in print and on the Internet

    As this is a very popular event with schools and demand is high, we have been forced to impose a cancellation charge to prevent schools cancelling at the last minute and taking away the opportunity for other schools to attend.

    I confirm that I understand that any cancellations received within four weeks of the date of the event will be subject to a £200 charge (required)

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    Information submitted on this form will be stored for 5 years and used to inform you of TeenTech events. We will not use your details for any other purpose, nor will we sell or share them with any third party. Where a contracted delivery partner is running the event on our behalf, we will provide your name to them for the purpose of registration on the day of the event and to communicate any other information about the event.

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