20th November 2019

TeenTech Surrey is celebrating its eighth year and we are delighted to continue our work with SATRO who are the delivery partner for this event.

The on the day impact is always strong. We use voting buttons to capture student thinking before and after the event:

All students at the event have been encouraged to enter the TeenTech awards to take their new found interests further.

Students have also been blogging about their experiences and one team have shared their review of the day below:

Eight very lucky Year 8 students had a fantastic opportunity to visit
Surrey University on Wednesday  16th of November.

They were invited by TeenTech to experience a highly interactive
event designed to inspire young teenagers and their teachers about the
contemporary world of science, engineering and technology.

The students had the opportunity to work with other year 8 students
across the Surrey county to design their own idea for the Internet of Things.

I am delighted to announce that Kingsley Academy students won the
design challenge.

Our students worked with industry ambassadors who focus on STEM topics such as; MAPLIN, JVC, Astrophysicists, Nexenc (Oil and Engineering), BAE system (defense) and security companies.

Our students’ comments include:

Ranen Fernandes:

I liked the UTC part where we were shown the opportunity of joining the UTC and the robot Sparky. Plus I liked the part where all the schools had to design our own gadget that can help the future of the people. Well, we did win BEST DESIGN certificate for our school. All in all, it was very fun and I would like to come for this trip again.

Rayyan Ahmad:
The TeenTech trip was amazing! I learnt so much about science and
technology and got a chance to meet and ask scientists questions about
what their jobs involve. The end was amazing too, as we won an Award for the best design of our “KingsleyTranslator”. I really wish we
could go again.

Janely Fernandes:

What I enjoyed the most In this trip was the activity in which we had to
check the heat around us.  I learnt what is conduction and convection.
I also learnt about heaters . I learnt that wood can be used in
heaters  and there are 2 woods used in heater and that when fuel is
over wood heaters will be a good source of heat  . The last activity
we worked as a team in order to create a translating earpiece in which
we got a certificate for the best designing. The girls got  JVC
earphones because we guessed the piece of music right.

I  enjoyed a lot and would like to thank Ms Jeffs for choosing us.

A big thanks for all their time, effort and enthusiasm which went into the day which was much appreciated by everyone. A special thanks to our delivery partner SATRO and the terrific sponsors who put in so much hard work to make everything happen.

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