School Bookings

If you would like to attend the TeenTech Surrey Festival 2019 on 20th November 2019 please complete the booking form below. There is a £100 booking fee for each school and once your booking has been confirmed you will be invoiced. Please note that this booking fee is non-returnable and non-refundable. You need to ensure that the contact name given below is the lead person who will be attending the event and please let us know immediately of any changes by emailing us at

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I would like to book a place for 10 Year-8/9 Students

I confirm that all of my Students can be photographed and filmed during the event and any images can be used for promotional material in print and on the Internet

As this is a very popular event with schools and demand is high, we have been forced to impose a cancellation charge to prevent schools cancelling at the last minute and taking away the opportunity for other schools to attend.

I confirm that I understand that any cancelations received within 21 days of the date of the event will be subject to a £500 charge

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