TeenTech Surrey – School Registration Form

    If you would like to attend the TeenTech Surrey Virtual Innovation Day on 26th January 2021 please complete the booking form below. There is a £50 booking fee for each school and once your booking has been confirmed you will be invoiced by SATRO. Please note that this booking fee is non-returnable and non-refundable. You need to ensure that the contact name given below is the lead person who will take responsibility for the whole TeenTech Surrey Virtual Innovation day. If there are any subsequent changes, you must let us know immediately by emailing us at dani.longhurst@teentech.com.

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    I understand that TeenTech may capture and share stills from virtual events which may include photos or images of students' projects that are submitted to us. I agree that these may be used in promotional materials in print and on the TeenTech website/social media channels. We will, of course, not share any information about the students themselves other than first names. (required)

    I confirm that I will ensure all Students taking part will read our Young Person's Code of Conduct before the event (required)

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